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Lovable Projects

The Hot Fm -- Online Radio Station, CSS/HTML

Halls Cars -- Front-End Design, CSS/HTML

www.waxedsmooth.com -- Front-End Design, CSS/HTML

www.boileradvice.com -- User experience consultancy

www.coldplay.com -- Our Friends

www.leeandthompson.com -- Our Brand Lawyers


About Madonher Creative

Madonher Creative design are a small design agency currently based in London. We have worked on projects from graphic design for major TV companies to website creation for small local businesses and we love the world of design. We've been at this lark for over 10 years and watched the trends of design come and go. We are also pretty good with SEO (search ranking) and can often help clients acheive page 1 listings in Google.

At Madonher Creative we employ our staff on a job-by-job basis, with a creative pool of great designers, developers and general boffins that can provide you with the solutions you need.

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About our founders


Paul, Vitaly and Dobri and a massive thank you to our Angel Investors

Our Founders have been creating/designing for many years. Having a degree in University of Life, playing far too many computer games and obsessed with User Experience! shhhhh! Also we've been busy going to the 2012 Olympics in London :)

In there spare time, they all love keeping fit with soccer, yoga and pilates (occasionally competing on an international level) and also a keen writers, bloggers and general good eggs!


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NEW PROJECTS :: Please note we are not taking any new web design projects on until late September 2013 ... We are really busy building Apple and Android applications for iphone, ipad and other smart phone / tablet technology, really, Sorry!

Existing [clients can still email us direct at the normal studio address] :)

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Welcome to Madonher Creative

Madonher Creative is a Creative agency based in London. We build websites, amongst other things, and we're committed to providing you with clean, standards compliant design that focuses on User Experience.

Please take a look at the work section to see the sort of things we do, and contact us for a chat; we're looking forward to hearing from you.


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